Product Overview

Excellent new thick coating produces incredible results; imprint your photo on these panels and be amazed how wonderful these panels look. Hinged multiple panels are available in traditional photo sizes. Chromaluxe can be joined together to create stunning photo displays – perfect for a fireplace mantle, library shelf, or desktop. The hinged multiple panels are easy to assemble, sold as hinged pairs and middle pieces. With the two outer pieces, as many middle sections can be added as you like; they have slots for hinges on each side. A great idea for those panoramic photos, the panels could be arranged to show an entire mountain range. They make a fabulous gift for the grandparents, one that can be added to as the family grows.


Product Price

2.875x5.25 Vertical Bi-Fold $12.80
3.5x5 / 3.5x5 Vertical Bi-Fold $17.75
3.5x5 Center $6.50
5x7 / 5x7 Vertical Bi-Fold $25.50
5x7 Center 9.50
3.5x5 / 5x7 Vertical / Horizontal $23.50
3.5x5 Vertical Tri-Fold $26.75
5x7 Vertical Tri-Fold $29.50